Hull Begins Receiving Lewis & Clark Water

April 19, 2023

Thanks to the long-term visons of our local leaders 33 years ago, we have now begun receiving water from the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. The additional water source will have a profound impact on our community now and for generations to come. This is a momentous and exciting milestone for our community! The water delivered to your home is going to be a lot softer. For example, the water we were previously receiving from Rock Valley Rural Water was 28 gpg and the blended water is now 19 gpg. This will cause a necessary adjustment to your water softener so it is not regenerating as often. This should be done immediately and we ask for your prompt attention to this adjustment. If you are not able to make this adjustment, please contact your local plumber, or the owner of your water softener (i.e. Culligan, Water Werks).

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