Fireworks Code

June 5, 2024

As the Fourth of July nears, we wanted to remind our Hull residents that the City of Hull follows the Iowa Code 2024, Section 727.2 regarding fireworks.  Per 727.2(4): “Limitations,” in regard to the Fourth of July specifically, a person shall not use or explode consumer fireworks on days other than June 1st through July 8th of each year and only during the timeframe of 9 AM – 10 PM, except that on July 4th and the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding and following July 4th fireworks can be displayed between 9 AM – 11 PM.  A person shall not use fireworks on real property other than that person’s real property or on the real property of a person who has consented to the use of fireworks on that property.  Please be respectful and follow the above referenced outline.  Complaints may be directed to the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office.

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